Our Mission

Hello..My name is Mya.

Welcome to my website http://naturesachievement.com where I can share my flawless skin care beginning with you.

I was born and educated in Rhode Island and raised in a family with seven uncles, four brothers and my Dad. As a result my favorite times were spent playing baseball, basketball, ice-skating and field hockey. In the meantime, I watched my beautiful mother longing wait to share her time with me.

Introduction to healthy skin care

My parents sailed to America from the Cape Verdean Islands in 1930 looking for a higher standard of living. They settled in Rhode Island and immediately built a farmhouse along with a huge garden filled with vegetables and surrounded with fruit trees. Our main dishes consist of rice, beans, corn, vegetables, fruits and fish. This huge garden produced healthy, natural food for the entire family plus ingredients for healthful skin treatments which I would soon call a natural skincare routine.

Beauty secrets

Through the years I watched my mother’s Saturday ritual. With rag rollers in her hair she would scrub her face with oatmeal, lather with honey, leave on for fifteen minutes, patting every five minutes, rinse with warm water and dry face thoroughly. She then covered her clean skin with the juice of half a lemon. She preferred coconut oil to soap to clean her face. My mother was stunning and wonderful. At fourteen, she decided I had to come off the baseball field and join her Saturday night ritual. I remember her words “caring for your skin is caring for yourself. I continued this ritual for 20 years and was constantly complimented on my skin. One of the questions I was always asked is “what do you use on your skin”. I always avoided that question simply because I felt my skin care ritual was practiced only by my Cape Verdean culture and I considered this ritual old-fashioned. I kept my healthy skin care ritual a secret.



The opportunity to transfer my government engineering position from Rhode island to California came when I was in my late thirties. Talk about culture shock. The government building I worked in employed 7400. My hometown in Rhode Island consisted of 5300 people. I loved the work, different ethnic backgrounds and incredible opportunities. My skin care ritual was replaced with quickly store bought products. Time was spent on long work hours, returning to school and raising a teenager. My skin did not feel or look the same but I decided to blame it on the change in weather and not enough time. I no longer received the skin compliments. My mother’s visit 6 months later was a rude awakening. We began her visit with our Saturday night ritual meaning out came oatmeal, vinegar, lemons and honey. Not only was this exercise relaxing and a wonderful sharing experience, my face, neck, hands and arms looked refreshed. My mother then told me skincare is often a process of trial and error. Anything that makes you feel good is usually a means of self care. My old-fashioned healthy skin ritual returned naturally and until today is used daily.

Healthy skincare

With a little research and smart shopping, I was able to find responsibly-made products to help maintain my skin care ritual. Most of the natural beauty products trends are paired with the strong association between diet and skin therefore driving the emergence of food-based facial skincare. At fifty, I decided to answer everyone who asked me “what do you use on your skin”? Proudly, I unveiled my healthy skin care secret which is look to nature’s ingredients.

The natural beauty industry is breaking away from typical beauty standards and embracing beauty in all shapes, sizes colors, genders and ages. Thankfully, the beauty industry has made it possible to find skin and personal care products that are natural. Most importantly consumers are embracing healthy, holistic living and these changes are driving the facial skin care market. The trend of beauty companies providing healthy products lends to treatments and online purchasing in the comfort of one’s home.

I have learned so much in trial and error with natural skin care and cannot wait to share my journey with you.

Look forward to hearing from you.