To the Rescue…Care for Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?  What can cause sensitive skin?  What are the basic rules governing sensitive skin?   Sensitive skin does not tolerate unfavourable conditions and above all is irritated by foreign materials. Sensitive skin can be caused by detergents and other chemical based products.  Products for sensitive skin either avoid potential irritants or keep them at a low concentration.

Tips for sensitive skin care:

Use products marked for sensitive skin only

Choose products that have minimum preservatives and other additives

Avoid excessive exposure to sun

Use alcohol free cleansers

Do not scrub or exfoliate too hard.  This inflames the skin.

Use makeup-removers

So, sensitive skin care is about being careful with your skin by using sensitive skin care products and environmental protection.

Herbal Care for Sensitive Skin

Growing up, herbal skin care was the most practical and economic way to take care of skin.  However, that routine has been replaced by chemical-based skin care routines.  We can attribute that change to commercialisation of skin care or the fast pace of life.  Herbal skin care is on the rise and the products for sensitive skin care are flooding the marketplace.  We do have to be aware of how important the ingredients in herbal skincare are.

The ingredients I look for and have had incredible success with are.

Aloe Vera is an extract from the Aloe plant and one of the best examples if herbal skin care product.  It is a natural hydrant that soothes skin and also helps in healing cuts and calming sun burns.

Antiseptics, an important part of Herbal skin care.  Lavender, thyme and fennel fennel are known to posses antiseptic properties.  Lavender and rose water are perfect toners.

Oils prepared from herbal extract present another means of herbal skin care.  Lavender oil, borage oil, primrose oil and Tea Tree oil are some of the popular oils in herbal skin care.  I add fruit ils (extracts from fruits like banana, apple and melon) find use in shower gels as a hydrating mix.

Most herbal skin care products don’t have side effects.  Moreover, herbal skin care can easily be made at home..  However, this does not mean that you totally disregard the synthetic products.  If a dermatologist suggest a synthetic product accept the fact that some skin might need usage of  clinically proven non-herbal skin care products.

Choosing Sensitive Skin Care Products

There are loads of products available on the market.  The most common products are the ones that are used as part of a daily routine  These include things like cleansers and moisturizers, toners and exfoliates.  Classification of facial skin care products is based on the following:

Gender (facial skincare products for men and products for women)

Skin type ( facial skin care products for oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and products for sensitive skin)

Age (facial skin care for old and young)

Skin disorder( i.e. facial skin care products for treatment of various skin disorders like eczema, acne etc)

That is your starting point for deciding and choosing a facial skin care product that fits your needs.  Start by determining your skin type first.  Remember, skin type changes with age so what suits you today, might not suit you forever.  Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your facial product.

There are many forms of skin care products i.e. lotions, creams, gels and masks.  You will have to decide which for suits you.  I have found whatever I am comfortable with is the best facial skin care product for me.

If you have the problem of not knowing how to determine what type skin you have, seek the advice of a dermatologist before you actually make a decision or selection on what skincare product you should start using.   Once you have selected the facial skin care product for yourself, you alsoneed to use the facial skin care product in the proper way.  Follow the correct procedures for application, correct quantity and make your facial product a part of your skin care routine.

Beside the normal sensitive facial skin care routine, you should exercise the following for facial skin care:

Pay attention to your skin type and environment, when choosing facial skin care products.

Use make-up remover instead of just washing it away.

Before using a new skincare product, test it by applying it on a short patch of skin e.g. ear lobes.

Do not rub your skin too hard.

Use sunscreen lotions for protection against sun.

I will be posting Sensitive Skin Care mask recipes on my site.  Take a look and enjoy.








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